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RENC Service Architecture

The stable price tokens of the Ethereum-based RentalCurrency (RENC) will reduce the uncertainty about the fluctuating prices. The algorithms on the RENC platform will ensure that RentalCurrency is available globally through automated inflation or deflationary adjustments.

This is important because, firstly, the difficulty of monitoring exchange rates in real time to check when and where token holders use encrypted currency will be reduced. This will reduce the learning curve of users and increase the accessibility of RENC.

In other words, we will accelerate the popularization of RENC with a user-friendly, easy-to-use interface and a comprehensive interface with many useful features so that many users can avoid the anxiety about the volatile elements and make them attractive.

The RENC platform is:
  ● Provides stable value with little volatility
  ● Demand-based coin distribution
  ● Fair coin distribution in the community
  ● Configuration of a real-time, decentralized platform based on block chain technology and smart agent

The RENC system function is to provide price stabilization function to reduce the instability in demand requirements. The demand-based coin distribution system in the RENC community is used for fixed coin supply and floating exchange rate We will do our best to solve the problem with the problem.

[Figure, RENC Architecture]

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