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RENC Features 

The functions of RentalCurrency(RENC) have been designed according to various user's ecosystem considering the way to grow stable from token supply later. 

First, the RENC platform allows secure transactions in daily payments and selected commodity exchanges to be configured for smart transactions, and to facilitate the use of encrypted currencies. Designed to be traded in anticipation of demand and supply. This stability can reduce instability through monitoring automation.

Offer of multi-functional wallet. As the primary interface of the RENC platform, it has all the equipment and features you need in the world's most popular cryptographic markets.

Integrated market. The RENC marketplace is designed to connect both customers and service providers and help each other. It helps to develop and communicate with all the users in the world.

Users who have previously skipped complex business processes at typical financial institutions and are readily available, will find the RENC platform easy and convenient to use and easy to manage. Within the RENC, we provide all transaction records of service providers and users safely. 


Representatives from each of the nodes of RENC's Blockchain around the globe are appointed members of the Monetary Policy Committee, who may have representation and voting rights for RENC's main monetary management policy.

[Figure1. RENC for customer]

[Figure 2. RENC Workflow]

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