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RENC Incentive and Reward system

RENC's compensation system is an incentive-based daily compensation system. The coinage of RENC depends on the amount of interaction between the service provider and the users. The more you increase your activity, the more rewards you will get.

Users with more activity will benefit from daily token releases distributed through platform service providers. Coin-feed rewards can be distributed using a fair and transparent system so that users can deposit up to 0% - 2% additional coins per day into their wallets.

In addition to basic incentive compensation, RENC tokens are distributed daily with additional rewards to users who have contributed directly or indirectly to the RENC platform configuration or have performed various activities.


There are three types of tokens :

Content Compensation:

            Paid users who have created content for RENC services and users who are engaged in social media activities

            by utilizing the likes, comments, sharing, and reporting of content

▪ Reputation Compensation:

            Paying to users who are loyal to the platform for a long time and consistently produce high-quality content,

            recognized by people and contributed to the network

Promotion Compensation:

            Payments for users who have participated in promotional activities, such as viewing ads, participating
            in themed campaigns, or conducting customer surveys.

Both content rewards and reputation rewards are issued in one pool with a fixed number of tokens according to RENC's smart contract terms. Ad rewards are generated by tokens paid by advertisers to the platform.

[Graph : RENC Coin release reward]

[Graph : RENC Coin release reward]

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