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RENC RoadMap

We are ready to be safe in operation so that RENC has been growing steadily through ICO, and is expanding steadily in terms of supply.


Since all R & D has been done with the pure assets of all the personnel involved, ICO fundraising money will lead to a structured investment for the purposes outlined in the business plan above

Currently, we are in the stage of refinishing technologies such as wallet user authentication, transaction records, secure assets with 256-bit AES encryption and private key storage and archiving technologies, as well as managing multiple currency accounts.

In the future, we will proceed with further development of our wallet app for iOS and Android, and will be promoted with a ready-to-serve encrypted currency on the platform like the bellow figure Roadmap.

[Figure 1, RENC Roadmap]

[Figure 2, Market Cap forecast for RENC]

[Figure 3, Token Allocation]

[Figure 4, Use of Proceeds]

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